We are individualists, we don’t trust test reports. We choose all of our products with great care and dedication, we test them rigorously and they must fulfil our demanding requirements. Only then do we recommend the necessary equipment to you – without compromises. This way, only the best brands and products make it to us. Despite this we have usually been loyal to our partners for many years. Trust and the highest quality and functionality are the benchmarks here.

We put these products together for our customers unerringly, with our ability, expectations and individual fashion sense. When it comes to the crunch we will also tell you directly and openly if we think that the choice is not the right one. Our aim: the best solution for your requirements. No more, but definitely no less either. And top achieve this we work for you with sure instincts - and an eye for the right choice. Listening, thinking, advising and flexible action. That we do this passionately and enthusiastically goes without saying. The best thing about it is that we are able to do this time after time for familiar faces. At the same time we are happy about the many new faces accompanying the familiar ones. Welcome to the world of Sportalp