Philip Waldhart

In conversation with Philip Waldhart

There is a lot going on behind the scenes at Sportalp. We are in action all year round to find the right mix between trends and new products, customer wishes and respect for our nature.

Behind the scenes, a highly motivated team works for our customers and friends

Off-season modernization, research for new brands and discoveries. During the season, customers are advised with a lot of expertise and empathy. Our goal: to match sportswear and equipment individually and tailor-made. We decide on the purchase of our products as a team, together we select the best for our customers. Philip Waldhart is the second generation to run Sportalp, which was founded by his father Josef Waldhart.

Red: The Sportalp is an institution in Lech - where does this success come from?

PW: That's where our range of selected top brands and materials for almost all winter and summer activities comes in handy. Perfectly matched for our magnificent Lech mountains. We know every stone and every slope and know exactly what you need for which activities - and what not. That's how we choose the products we offer - and most of them we have put through their paces ourselves. Customers will find our range in pole position, directly at the Schlegelkopf valley station. The location is perfect for those who want to rent skis and put on skis and boots directly at the lift in the morning and leave them in the depot in the evening. This is, of course, real added vacation value.

Red: What are Sportalp's particular strengths today?

PW: This is clearly our team. Most of the employees are from Lech and therefore know the area and our brands perfectly from their own activities in the ski area and in nature. With this expertise, we put together the right set for our customers. Not selling individual products but finding the right combination for activity, ability and preferences. We like to take our time for this. Over the years, real friendships have developed with many customers as a result of this customer proximity. This is the most important confirmation for us.

Red: What are the reasons that customers like to come back again and again?

PW:We know the preferences of many customers from long-standing connections - this is very valuable in the consultation.

We offer in the rental a huge selection of top skis for all requirements and skill levels: Beginners, families, pleasure skiers, sporty drivers powder fans, tourers, snowboarders and skating, cross-country and much more.

Our ski service is first class - we have top technology, know how from racing and offer for example an overnight hotel service. For the professionals we offer an individual preparation of the skis directly coordinated with the weather and snow conditions.

The store offers a wide range of top brands for clothing, equipment and accessories. Above all, many new discoveries and insider tips that we track down over the year.

And then many appreciate our ski and boot depot for relaxed vacations. In the morning at the Schlegelkopf into the shoes and in the evening after skiing directly into the comfortable leisure shoes. That is vacation comfort.

Red.: What surprises and discoveries are there this winter?

PW: We have discovered many new things this year. These include TopSki from recycled materials, new brands that work with high environmental awareness and much more.

For example, we offer the innovative diract voice avalanche transceivers from orthovox for rental and sale. They are extremely easy to use, guide the user with voice commands and use the latest antenna technology. This can save vital seconds in the field.

Of course, we also offer convenient online booking with an attractive 10% discount. Book at home - pick up conveniently here.

For the guests of our partner hotels there is the Sportalp Over-Night-Service which we have optimized again.

For professionals, race-ambitious and enthusiasts we offer our professional ski service, which is adjusted to snow quality and temperature. Here we combine the latest technology with our racing experience.

Red: How is the important topic of environment and nature lived in Sportalp?

This is a subject close to our hearts. The Lech mountains are our living space. Here we are at home, in our mountains we spend our leisure time.... This nature must be respected, protected and preserved.

To this end, we have invested in a state-of-the-art ventilation system with heat exchanger. This way we use the warm exhaust air from the ski service for heating while the cold supply air cools our grinding emulsion.

We consistently select our partners and brands on the basis of our environmental code. This starts with production and the materials used, and continues with logistics and the handling of damage, complaints, spare parts and repairs.

Our advice is equally important: we consistently recommend high-quality and durable products. The longer materials and clothing are in use, the better it is for the environment. Here, less is more.

That's why we are also consistently developing our rental service. Sharing is the new owning. And the more people rent stat buy, the better skis and boots are used and less has to be produced. This reduces the burden on the environment.

Many years ago we already decided to use very high quality and stable bags - many are reused or come back to us from the hotels. We do not use plastic when shipping products.

And we are working flat out on further ideas.

Red: What drives you Philip? What are your personal motivators?

It is the love and joy of nature and thus my passion for mountain sports and outdoor activities. I like to find great products, try them out myself (we all do, of course) and share my experience and knowledge. And when I discover a new clothing brand or ski brand that makes our customers' eyes light up, that's the best success. I also enjoy our international audience - it's a glimpse into a colorful world with lots of impulses and trends. It is the great mixture of curiosity for new things in connection with our intact and beautiful nature.

This is also reflected in my other passion: music. For this purpose, I have created the Jazzbühne Lech as a summer event.