The 5 Sportalp-Plus for our customers

Our strengths and competencies are shaped by our time in the mountains, training and education, and many customer conversations and feedback.

Sportalp-plus 1: We ourselves are customer, developer, user - and conviction doer

We are in our spare time in the Lecher mountains and test and use ourselves many products that we offer in the store. So what we recommend and sell has convinced us 100%. Then we are in dialogue with many brands and report back what we ourselves find or what customers tell us. This helps the companies to improve their products and we have our "ear to the market" and know what trends are coming. Sometimes we can even help shape them a little.

Sportalp-plus 2 : We advise personally, honestly & without time pressure

We listen and pass on the recommendations and tips that are right for the customer's individual situation and wishes - because not everything is equally suitable for everyone. What advantages, what limits? Especially with outdoor clothing, it's all about the right mix. And then there's our penchant for sustainability: better to buy really good once than mediocre several times. It should be perfect for the intended use and look good. For this to succeed, the right translator is needed to bring together what belongs together. Exactly our thing.

Sportalp - Plus 3: We offer our "Best of" selection

We are always with eyes and ears on the market to hear the proverbial "grass grow". We only bring what convinces us into the store and into the rental business.

Sportalp Plus 4: We live sustainability

Sustainability is a subject close to our hearts, because the Lech mountains are our habitat, which we respect and protect.

Also or especially as a store we are of the opinion that the most sustainable clothes are those that are not produced at all. Therefore we recommend: buy only what you really need. And then buy the best you can get for the intended use, that lasts long and can be combined. Accordingly, we are also strict in the selection of our brands. Only those with a convincing environmental code on the market make it into our store.

To this end, we have invested in a state-of-the-art ventilation system with heat exchanger. This way we use the warm exhaust air from the ski service for heating while the cold supply air cools our grinding emulsion.

We are therefore also consistently developing our rental area. Sharing is the new owning. And the more people rent stat buy, the better skis and boots are used and less has to be produced. This reduces the burden on the environment.

Many years ago we already decided to use very high quality and stable bags - many are reused or come back to us from the hotels. When shipping products, we do not use plastic.

Sportalp - Plus 5: Almost all the equipment we sell, we also rent out

Especially when it comes to the best weeks of the year, the vacation, the best is actually just good enough. But is it always worth buying the best for such a short time? That, of course, is for you to decide. But so that you do not have to make the decision so difficult, we offer both answers. You can rent the equipment from us. Or you can buy it from us. Or you can rent it and try it out, and if you are absolutely convinced, you can buy it. The price for the loan will be added to the purchase price (max 3 day